Basics of manipulating

By Serge Kreutz

I we want to become masters in manipulating women, we better first develop a general understanding of how, and how easy, humans are manipulated in general, and beyond that, why and how animals are manipulated.

Yes, let's have a look at animals. Dogs are easier to manipulate than cats. Elephants are easier to train than hippos. You can teach sounds to parrots but not to pigeons.

Did you conclude something? It's never just the mastery of the manipulator but ever also the weakness of the manipulated. Thus, successful manipulation starts with selecting appropriate targets.

Stage hypnotists have known this for a long time.

Successful stage hypnosis depends on choosing susceptible victims. I think it is easier to hynotize women than men. Furthermore, younger women are easier to hynotize than older ones.

However, for successful manipulation, full hypnosis is not the most suitable strategy. Anybody who has been hypnotized will later be aware of this. The person will wake up, feeling strange, and will wonder what has happened under hypnosis, even when the hypnotist suggests that he or she forgets what happened. A hypnotist cannot just order a hypnotized subject to forget selectively what happened before the hypnosis, when he or she met the hypnotist.

Successful manipulation, on the other hand, does not put the consciousness to sleep. It does not need to. Rather, it directs the emotions and actions of the manipulated in a manner so that the manipulated assumes that everything happens on his or her free will.

The difference is that you can manipulate women for years, and everything apparently happens on their free will, and there never is a basis for criminal procedures against you.

But if you were to start hypnotizing women in a setting other than a medical practice, and even if you do it in a medical practice, then, if the purpose is sexual relationships, you will have run-ins with the law, and you definitely risk a conviction for rape.

How amateurish! As a successful manipulator you do not have to knock out a woman's consciousness and rob sexual contact.

Through manipulation instead of hypnosis, even though the methods are very similar (with the exception that you do not induce sleep), you can achieve exactly the same, given to you consciously and consensually.

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